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About Us

PLANK Hardware all started with a couple of old scaffolding boards and a new flat in need of an urgent remodel before we could move in. With a limited budget to work with we wanted to do and make as much as we could ourselves. We decided to make our kitchen shelves, a coffee table and a bench using this wood we had sourced.

Scaffolding board shelf

Whilst getting our hands on the raw materials was easy, we found that finding the right hardware at a reasonable price wasn’t so easy. Which is where the idea for PLANK came from. We worked hard to make and source the right details to go with our designs. We were so happy with the final pieces that we started making and selling them to friends, family and online.


Now we want to help you find distinctive design details to make the most of your space. So, whether you want your builder to use something different, fancy building something yourself or are thinking of upcycling or recycling something old, we hope we can help inspire creativity.

DIY shelf