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Questions about installation

  • Will the supplied screws be the right size for my project?

    When shopping for cabinet knobs and pull handles, you can select the length of screws which you'd like to accompany them.

    We offer No.8 machine screws in lengths of 0.63" to 1.77" for most cabinet knobs and pull handles.

    For reference, 1" is our standard screw size.

    If you need additional screws at a later stage, you can shop them here.

  • Are cabinet knobs and pull handles supplied in pairs?

    All of our items are sold individually, except where clearly marked as a set. This means you can shop according to your specific project needs, so avoiding wasted products and money.

  • Do you offer a product warranty?

    We offer a 10 year mechanical warranty on all of our products. Note that products made from solid brass will naturally tarnish over time and this process could accelerate if the hardware is not cared for properly.

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