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How To Create A Practical Mudroom

A well designed mudroom can truly transform your home. It's a dedicated space for outdoor gear, keeping the rest of your house clean and organized.

Whether you're looking to convert an unused closet or designating an entire room, there are endless ways to create a space that works best with your lifestyle and decor style. With just some planning and creativity, you can design a mudroom like the one shown above, by @madebyhusk 🙌

From modern minimalist designs to bold n' bright decor, the possibilities for your mudroom are endless. We're ready to talk through mudroom ideas that'll kickstart your project. Let's dive in 🤿

What is a mudroom? 🤔

Have you ever questioned the purpose of a mudroom and what makes it so important? A mudroom serves as your home's buffer zone between outdoors and indoors the gatekeeper of cleanliness, if you will 🧼

This often overlooked space isn't just for stashing muddy boots or wet raincoats after braving harsh weather conditions. Think of it more as an organizational superhero; its superpower being to keep everyday essentials in check while preventing clutter from invading other parts of your house 🙅‍♀️

A mudroom can hold everything from backpacks to sports gear with ease, even stashing muddy boots on rainy days. Durable materials, such as tile flooring or washable rugs, make cleaning easier while ensuring longevity too 💪


Mudroom ideas

Getting started 🔧

There are a lot of practical considerations that go in to remodeling a mudroom. The planning stage is all-important, so let's walk through each key consideration, from choosing the right location to planning practical storage. 

Choose the right location 📍

The first step in brainstorming mudroom ideas is selecting the right location. Your chosen spot needs to offer practicality and convenience for dropping muddy boots and hanging coats as you enter your home. That means being near an entrance that sees frequent use, whether it's the front, back, or side door 🚪


Light green mudroom in entryway

Entryways and hallways

The entryway or hallway is often the first space you encounter when you walk into your home. It serves as a transition area between the outdoors and the rest of your living space. This makes it an ideal location for a mudroom. 

By adding some hooks, a bench, and some storage solutions, you can easily transform your entryway or hallway into a functional mudroom. This will provide a designated space for you and your family to store coats, shoes, and other outdoor essentials, keeping them organized and out of the way 👞


A small room just at the rear of your home works well as a location for a practical mudroom. Many use their garage as a mudroom, too. A larger space gives opportunity for installing larger appliances, such as laundry machines, for an all-in-one space to remove and wash wet or dirty clothes.

Unused closets

If you have an unused closet in your home, consider converting it into a mudroom. Closets provide natural storage capacity that can be easily tailored to your individual requirements. Install hooks or a coat rack on the inside of the closet door to hang coats and bags. 

Add shelves or cubbies to store shoes, hats, and other accessories. You can even place a storage bench or a small shoe rack inside the closet to provide a convenient seating area. By repurposing an unused closet, you can create a mudroom that is both functional and discreet 😎


Walk-in mudroom ideas

Measure your space 📏

To help choose the right location and plan next steps, try measuring your available space. Ideally, a mudroom should be at least 5 x 5 feet, providing enough space for two people and a dog to enter comfortably. Larger is always better, but as long as there is enough room to move around comfortably and have space for sitting down while putting on or taking off shoes, it'll do the job.

If you're looking to incorporate a laundry area or additional storage space, it may be worth designing a mudroom with dimensions of approximately 10 x 10 feet 🧺

To nail your mudroom design, take note of any electrical details, such as switches and outlets that need to remain in their current locations or could potentially be moved ⚡

Plan your storage solutions 🎒

A crucial aspect when designing any functional area like a laundry room or even a living room includes planning efficient storage solutions. Consider how much storage potential your mudroom will need. Think about what you'll store there coats, shoes, bags? 

If children or pets are part of your household equation, then their belongings might also require additional features in your mudroom design. With all the practical considerations out of the way, let's talk how you can maximize mudroom storage potential, from installing wall hooks to practical benches 💡


Mudroom gallery wall and bench

Shelves and hooks

A clever mudroom idea is to install open shelving. They're not only display curated decor, but also have additional practical appeal when installed above a row of wall hooks. These little wonders are perfect for hanging coats or bags as you walk through the door.

Our HOFFMAN Hook has a classic double-pronged design to act as a practical mudroom hook. If you prefer a more contemporary design, our curvaceous CAREY Circular Hook may be more to your taste. Make a statement by purchasing our playful wall hooks in a set of 5, to then scatter them along your mudroom wall 🔨


Mudroom hooks

Baskets and cabinets

Maximize mudroom storage potential with baskets. These versatile pieces can fit neatly onto shelves or stand alone on the floor offering hidden storage potential. If you have a furry friend, you'll need an entire basket dedicated to their toys, leashes and other bits.

If you have room, a built-in closet is perfect for coats and items that are not currently in season. A closed closet keeps everything hidden and creates a clean and organized look, especially when tucking away coats during certain seasons. Cabinets can also help disguise appliances such as laundry machines 👖

Our advice? Try using MDF to box in an IKEA closet, or completely DIY built-in MDF cabinets by just watching a couple tutorials. 


Mudroom bench

Mudroom benches

Tackling dirty shoes has never been easier than by incorporating storage benches into your room. The seating solution doubles up as shoe storage space. Imagine benches complete with built-in cubbies underneath – talk about maximizing your small space ⬆

If wall real estate allows it above your storage benches, consider installing hooks. That's an excellent addition for jackets and backpacks ensuring they're off of precious ground square footage. Remember: functionality doesn't have to compromise style.

Select appropriate materials 🧼

Lastly but importantly choose materials wisely. Given its high traffic nature (and those potentially messy arrivals), opt for durable finishes such as easy-to-clean tile flooring paired with washable painted walls. Wipeable wallpaper is also a great option, if you're a fan of more funky, patterned interior design.

Remember, every house has unique needs, so plan accordingly, keeping these tips handy 🙆‍♀

Mudroom decor ideas 👨‍🎨

Our mudroom ideas don't end there. As the first space you step inside when entering your home, a mudroom should feel welcoming. Let's explore some decorating ideas to design a mudroom that is not just functional, but also cozy and inviting.


Colorful mudroom hardware

Add a pop of color 🖌

Breathe life into your mudroom with color. It could be through painting the walls or opting for colorful storage bins that match the rest of your decor. 

If you're a maximalist, opt for bold, uplifting colors, such as royal blues and retro oranges. Or, if you prefer a more calming, minimalist look, try earthy greens and soft pinks. You can also opt for colours that run throughout your home, to keep it consistent 🎨

Our Color Pop Drop can also help add pops of soft color to cabinetry and closet doors. Choose between a Soft Lilac, Cobalt Blue, Sage Green or Lemon Yellow, all in classic silhouettes, or opt for our more statement-making SQUIGGLE Pull in Soft Lilac 💜

Hang artwork 🖼

Artwork adds personality to any room, including a functional space like a mudroom. Go for bold framed prints to add character to your space, or hang family photos for that sentimental touch. A gallery wall is perfect to combine both and make a design feature of an empty wall.


Understairs mudroom

Use stylish storage solutions 💅

Your choice in storage solutions shouldn't compromise aesthetics; they should contribute visually too. Opt for woven baskets or colorful crates over plastic containers, as they lend character while tackling dirty shoes and outerwear 🧥

Enhance the look of your cabinets, cupboards, and storage units with our high-quality hardware solutions. Our FOLD Edge Pulls and HUDSON Cabinet Pulls are not only stylish but also durable and affordable. Both designs are available in an Aged Brass finish – a brand new, organic shade which ages like fine wine, making them the perfect hardware for timeless mudrooms ⏲


HUDSON Collection in Aged Brass

Add textural elements 〰

Rugs and mats serve dual purposes – keeping dirt at bay while adding texture underfoot, so you can drop muddy boots without the hassle. Similarly, throw pillows on benches provide comfort whilst also adding character 🕺

Try topping off your cabinetry with textured hardware for an even better grip on busy mornings. Our Swirled SCOTT L-Bar has you covered. With a contemporary design and swirled texture, our SWIRLED Collection will add both functionality and interest to your mudroom.


Hardware for mudrooms

There you have it, our countless mudroom ideas. Ultimately, a mudroom is more than just a spot to drop muddy boots. It's an opportunity, with the right storage solutions and design ideas, to transform chaos into order. 

You're armed with plenty of storage tips – shelves, hooks, baskets, and cabinets are all part of your arsenal now. It's time for you to take our mudroom ideas and put them into practice. We want to see how you get on, so remember to share your progress by tagging us at @plankhardware 🏷