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Small Walk-In Pantry Ideas For Your Home

After the restroom, the kitchen is one of the most active rooms in the house. And whether you're trying to whip up a meal or enjoy a relaxed dinner, you don't want appliances and ingredients cluttering up your space. What you need is ✨ a walk-in pantry ✨

A well-organized walk-in pantry makes storing items like cereal boxes, canned goods, and small appliances easy. By organizing everything systematically, you'll spend less time looking for things and enjoy cooking more 🧑‍🍳

To help you maximize your kitchen pantry's potential, we've compiled this guide full of small walk-in pantry ideas. If you're struggling with limited space, don't worry! We've divided this article into two sections: one with storage solutions for smaller kitchens and another with inspiration for walk-in pantries. Everyone wins 👍

No matter the size or shape of your kitchen, there are countless ways to create an impressive aesthetic. Keep reading to discover how our premium hardware collection can elevate your cabinets, drawers, and doors.

Table Of Contents:

    1. Upgrade your pantry door 🚪
    2. Hang up your pots and pans 🍳
    3. Incorporate open shelving 🕯


    Space-Saving Hacks For Your Small Kitchen

    Disclaimer: you don't need a full-fledged pantry to organize your kitchen. If you have limited space, check out our smart tips for utilizing unused storage areas in your cabinets and drawers.

    Install cabinets 🛠

    Installing cabinets is an excellent alternative to having a walk-in pantry and can be customized according to your needs. Some people prefer adding shelves for extra storage space, while others cleverly hide away small items and clutter like electronics, appliances, or lighting fixtures 💡

    Pull-out work surfaces are also great for saving on space. Your kitchen may start off feeling chaotic, but with built-in pantry cabinets, you can store everything neatly and within easy reach.

    If you're looking for ideas on pantry cabinet designs, look no further than our contemporary collections of door handles and knobs. In the photo below, our WATT T-Bar Pulls create a minimalist, sophisticated culinary space that's both stylish and functional. Paired with soft mint paint and marble countertops, we're obsessed 🤩

    Like all of our brass hardware, you can shop confidently knowing that they've been finished with a clear lacquered glaze to ensure long-lasting quality 🙌



    Use drawers for storage 🧂

    When organizing your small pantry space, it's important to prioritize accessibility over aesthetics. One of the simplest ways to keep things organized is by installing drawers for easy access to your small items and supplies. Opt for deep drawers that can accommodate bulkier items like flour, rather than cramming in lots of smaller items that can create clutter.

    To add a touch of style to your pantry drawers, consider installing modern hardware such as our BECKER Grooved D-Bar Handle. This handle boasts a sleek square frame with rounded edges and a grooved grip, striking the perfect balance between form and function. For added versatility, you can choose from shorter or longer lengths.

    For a cohesive look throughout your kitchen pantry, pair the BECKER Handle with our LENNON Grooved Button Knob.

    Add storage to the inside of your drawers 🪂

    When it comes to pantry organization ideas, it's easy to focus solely on the inside of the cupboards. However, you might be missing out on a valuable storage space right behind the cupboard doors 👀 

    While you can't store large items there, you can easily install racks, rails, and hooks to keep your smaller items organized. From frequently used herbs and spices to cleaning supplies and reusable bottles that always seem to disappear, think about how you can make your pantry work better for your daily needs.

    To make cooking easier, hang your pots, pans, and favorite utensils with our MONROE Industrial Towel Rail and set of five BRONTE S Hanging Hooks. By having everything in its place, you'll enjoy a more relaxed cooking experience. If you appreciate subtle details in design, our beautiful gold hardware with its curved shape will greet you every time you open your cupboard doors ✨

    If sleek Matt Black is more your style preference , check out our other hardware options like the PULLMAN Circular Hook. Sophisticated and streamlined , we recommend purchasing multiples for consistency throughout all of your pantry cupboards.



    Ways To Elevate Your Walk-In Pantry

    Your walk-in pantry may be tucked away, but that doesn't mean you should ignore it. Instead of treating it as a massive cabinet or dumping spot, consider your walk-in pantry as a sophisticated extension to your kitchen. By trying out some of our small walk-in pantry ideas, you can easily enhance your pantry and create a thoughtful appearance ✔

    1. Upgrade your pantry door 🚪

    Looking for some ideas to enhance your pantry walk-in designs? A pantry door not only serves as a functional element in your kitchen but can also be a stylish design feature that ties the room together.

    Utilize the back of the pantry door by installing racks or organizers to hold spices, small condiments, or cleaning supplies. You can also attach a corkboard or a chalkboard for grocery lists or recipes 🌶

    For ease of use between the pantry and kitchen areas, go supersize with our KEPLER Heavyweight Knurled Handle covering a larger surface area of the door. Complete the cohesive look by pairing any of these handles with our KEPLER Knurled T-Bar Handle or HUMBOLDT Knurled Button Knob

    Our hardware comes complete with screws and an instruction sheet making installation simple and hassle-free.



    2. Hang up your pots and pans 🍳

    Do you want to be able to see your pots and pans as soon as you step into your pantry? As part of our walk-in pantry ideas and inspiration, we recommend installing rails and hooks on your kitchen walls. This way, all of your equipment will be easily visible, so when it's time to cook a meal, you won't have to dig through cabinets 🥘

    Our collection of rails and hooks has a top-notch finish that is pleasing to the eye while keeping your kitchen organized. If you're a fan of frothy coffees or comforting cups of tea, why not install a wall rail with hooks for your favorite mugs? ☕️

    Raise your hand if you often find yourself with tea towels scattered over work surfaces or stuck between drawer handles 🙋‍♂️ We understand the struggle, which is why we suggest giving them some breathing room with our MONROE Curved Towel Rail. The curved design not only looks gentler but also promotes airflow so that they dry quickly!

    If aprons are an essential part of your cooking routine too, hang them proudly on our LEVI Hook. It features clean lines and an sturdy angled end designed to support all of your kitchen essentials. Installation in any modern pantry is simple thanks to the included brass or black fixing screws along with wall plugs.



    3. Incorporate open shelving 🕯

    Another small walk-in pantry idea? Get creative with how you display your food items and ingredients. We recommend incorporating open shelves, which provide a warm and inviting aesthetic while ensuring that everything is easily accessible. Tuck cereal boxes beneath the lower shelves, alongside any small appliances such as coffee machines, to keep everything organized 🧹

    For an aesthetically pleasing food storage that's perfect for Pinterest, transfer your food from its original packaging to clear glass jars and canisters. Then, add black labels with the name of the food written in white chalk. Finally, install a few spotlights or strip lights on your open shelves to create a well-lit and safe area for preparing food 💡


    Green walk-in pantry door

    Don't forget, the goal of a walk-in pantry is to make your kitchen work more efficiently for you. With the help of our small walk-in pantry ideas, consider how you can improve the layout and organization of your pantry space, and then begin planning its design. 

    If you're unsure where to start, check out our Instagram @plankhardware to see how other DIY enthusiasts have revamped their kitchens. And once your small pantry space is finished, use the hashtag #PlankProjects so we can admire the final outcome 🏷