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How To Remodel Your Home Office For Summer

The sun is shining, but the hustle doesn't stop. We need to remodel our home office for the season, to increase productivity and reduce indoor blues 🌤

There's nothing better than the thought of working under the sun, but a desk area is much more convenient. This is particularly true when there's no sunlight reflecting on your computer screen. 

In this blog post, we'll provide you with multiple suggestions for your home office remodel project, to help create a personalized space that is both functional and perfect for summer time. Whether your desk is located in the living room or a completely separate room, you'll be surprised how easy it is to bring the outdoors inside ☀

Table Of Contents:

    Home office storage

    Start with a blank slate ⬜

    If you have an empty room waiting to be transformed into your work from home office, you can get started on designing the space exactly as you want it. For anyone renovating a gloomy room, begin by decluttering and removing any unnecessary or out-of-season pieces of furniture or decor 🖼️ 

    Now it's time to plan the room to best suit your needs. What are your must-haves? Do you spend long hours at your desk? You'll need an ergonomic chair and a spacious desk that doesn't deprive you of natural light. 

    Does your job involve plenty of paperwork or physical supplies? You’ll need ample storage, whether it's shelving, desk drawers, or industrial storage lockers 🔐

    Set a realistic budget 💵

    Before you dive headfirst into your home office remodel, it's essential to set a realistic budget. This will serve as your financial roadmap, guiding your decisions on what changes can be made and helping prevent overspending.

    Determining costs of new furniture

    The first step in setting up your budget is determining the cost of new furniture. Consider factors such as the type and quality of materials and any additional features like adjustability or built-in storage when pricing out options. 

    You can score some great second hand furniture bargains on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay, or by scouring your nearby thrift store. Items that may have scratches or are not in use can be quickly spruced up over a weekend with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware 🌟

    Consider unexpected costs

    Last but not least, always allocate some funds towards remodelling costs that might arise during the process – things like decor, and even electrical upgrades or structural modifications often come with their own set of challenges (and bills) ⚡

    By carefully planning out each aspect of your home office remodel project financially, you're in for a smoother execution. It is wise to err on the side of caution when forecasting costs for a remodeling project 🗺


    Home office design

    Enhance natural light ☀

    Dreading indoor blues as your home lacks natural light? We've some life-saving tips to share 🙌

    Introduce artificial light sources

    Adding different types of light fixtures is a great way to enhance lighting in your home office. Desk lamps with adjustable luminosity levels can be utilized to modify the quantity of illumination depending on the time or job.

    Ceiling lights provide overall illumination for the room, while wall sconces add ambient lighting that softens shadows and reduces glare on computer screens 🔦

    Maximize use of existing windows

    Natural light has numerous benefits, including boosting mood and productivity levels, as well as reducing eye strain caused by harsh artificial lights. If possible, position your home office desk near a window so you can take advantage of daylight during work hours.

    For privacy without sacrificing sunlight, consider installing window treatments, such as sheer curtains or blinds that let in diffused light while blocking direct sun rays 😎


    Home office desk to enhance natural light

    Choose a colour scheme 🎨

    One of the most important aspects of any creative home project is choosing the color scheme. For your spring-themed home office, you'll want light and bright colors that can uplift your mood while also having a calming effect ☀ 

    Research on the impact of color has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms. You could opt for a sky-blue wall paired with a cozy rug or create a geometric pattern on the wall by combining richer blues with cool grays 🔷

    Green is believed to promote renewal and rejuvenation, while bright yellows and oranges are energizing. A suggestion? Pink and green. This combination has been tried-and-tested, grounding your office space while still keeping it playful. 

    If you're someone who gets easily distracted, you might prefer sticking to light neutrals and subtly incorporating pops of color through accessories like coral lamps or leafy green plants 🌿

    Ultimately, this part of the home office remodel project comes down to which colors inspire you to do your best work.


    Home office desk ft. STACK Knobs

    Get the right desk 💻

    Tackling a home office remodel that boosts your mood and enhances productivity can often depend on optimizing your desk. To make the most of your space, consider drawing inspiration from our desk ideas below to create a workspace that works best for you.

    Corner desk 🪑 

    If your job involves a lot of paperwork, using multiple devices at once, or accessing a printer, a corner desk can help keep everything organized and easily accessible. By positioning the desk in the right corner, you can make use of wall space for hanging up notes and enjoy a nice view from your window 🌲

    Writing desk ✍ 

    For those who prefer minimalism, placing a writing desk in the center of your home office floor is an excellent option. This works best if you have a laptop instead of a large monitor. Surrounding your desk with inviting plants will create an even more pleasant work environment.


    Wall-mounted home office desk

    Wall-mounted desk 🧱

    Do you have limited office space? A desk that mounts to the wall is perfect if you're integrating an office into a room that already exists, like a separate room or even living room. Make use of its vertical structure and include shelves or cubbies for additional storage.

    Even though facing the wall may make you feel disconnected from natural light, simply choose a light color for your built-ins and keep the blinds open 🎐

    Standing desk 🧍‍♀️

    A stand-up desk can help you maintain your energy levels and improve your health. By standing at your desk for just a few hours each day, you can improve posture and increase productivity. Many stand-up desks are adjustable so that you can switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. 

    Alternatively, if you want to save money on a new desk, consider upcycling an old one. With some sanding, a fresh coat of paint, and our furniture hardware, you can create the perfect workspace in no time. Whether you need new pulls for cabinets or stylish knobs for drawers, browse our selection of easy-to-install designs on our website 🙌



    Add seasonal decor 💐

    To make sure your home office design embodies the spirit of summer, add some new decor to your space. Place small potted plants on your desk and larger leafy friends in the corners of the room. 

    With sweltering hot days on their way, it's a smart move to purchase an electric fan early and avoid the rush of shoppers. We suggest opting for a standing fan instead of a desk fan to prevent your papers from flying away 🪁


    Natural oak office desk

    Try natural materials 🌴

    Experiment with natural materials and texture in your home office decor by incorporating hand-woven hemp rugs, wooden paneling, and textured accents such as our Brass SEARLE Bar Pull. Adding patterned wallpaper can also help combat feelings of being cooped up indoors. Opt for a leafy design to bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

    Get comfortable 😌 

    Your home office design should be both functional and comfortable. Invest in an ergonomic chair that provides support for your back, neck and arms. 

    Don’t feel like you need to be chained to your desk all day. Why not create a cushioned window seat where you can enjoy the rays whilst catching up on emails or taking calls? 


    Home office wall decoration

    Dress your walls 👗

    An often overlooked idea for a home office space is hanging decor. Blank walls aren't going to cut it anymore.

    A mirror can be a fantastic way to create the illusion of more space and reflect natural light throughout the room. Utilize wall space by installing hooks to display uplifting prints or personal memories, such as a colorful framed picture or a snapshot from your last vacation 🖼️ 

    If you enjoy patterns and have a specific vision in mind, add some intrigue with nature-inspired wallpaper. For an even more unique touch, consider painting a mural or using chalkboard paint to write inspiring quotes or important reminders 🗒️

    Storage solutions 🗃

    Cleaning is made easy when everything has its place! Tuck away clutter by investing in extra drawers, storage containers, or wicker baskets. Alternatively, install wooden floating shelves to free up floor space while displaying books and decorative items. 


    Home office storage solutions

    There are countless ways to remodel your home office space this season from adding greenery and natural light sources to incorporating unique decor elements to blank walls, such as murals or framed pictures.

    Need help visualizing it all? Mood boarding can help bring your ideas to life! And for more inspiration, check out our #PlankProjects on the Inspiration Gallery.